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Equus Software’s Mobile Employee Experience Simplifies and Streamlines the Assignment Process


Denver, Colorado – July 2017: Equus Software, a leader in global mobility solutions, announced the launch of a new Mobile Employee Experience in AssignmentPro, the industry’s leading assignment management software. Available online and via a new mobile app for iOS and Android, the Mobile Employee Experience offers an intuitive and user-friendly portal for mobile employees to manage their assignment.

The new Mobile Employee Experience gives a globally mobile employee immediate access to information about their new location, their benefits and services (such as shipping, housing, tax, immigration), connects the employee directly with their coordinator via in-app messaging, and has a complete timeline of all key events and tasks which can by synced with the employee’s calendar program. By leveraging the power and functionality of AssignmentPro, the Mobile Employee Experience also provides instant access for employees to view their policy, manage documents, complete tasks, view pay statements, and upload expenses.

The Mobile Employee Experience utilizes the Equus Ecosystem, a powerful platform that integrates the multiple vendors who assist the employee with their move directly with the AssignmentPro platform for timely updates and communication of information. For example, when a shipper updates a delivery date for the employee’s items, the system will automatically be updated and the employee will be notified.

“As companies compete to move talent where it’s needed, Equus continues to support them with innovative technology. Our goal continues to be to provide the best experience possible for global mobility professionals and their most important client, the assignee,” says Mark Thomas, CEO of Equus Software. “The Mobile Employee Experience takes the stress out of international relocations and allows employees to shift their focus from managing their move to preparing for a successful assignment.”

Global mobility managers can share move information specific to each assignee such as immigration, move management, and tax details, and more–all in real-time, eliminating the need to re-enter data and work in multiple systems. Business partners can communicate directly with the employee through an in-app messaging feature, and also assign tasks and push notifications so all assignment related information is available to the employee with a click of a button.

Upon repatriation, assignees can use the Mobile Employee Experience to manage paperwork, forms, and tasks necessary for a successful repatriation.

The new Equus Mobile Employee Experience reduces or eliminates the hundreds of emails and phone calls of a typical international relocation by aggregating all relocation information in one end-to-end system. By reducing communication overhead, redundant data and time-lag, the Mobile Employee Experience improves the mobility process for the employee, mobility coordinators and service providers.

For more information watch this video.

Founded in 1999, Equus Software is the market leader in cloud-based relocation and mobility solutions. More than 300 organizations around the world use Equus to automate mundane, transactional work so that global mobility teams, talent management professionals, and other key stakeholders can focus on adding value to the business. Equus has a proven track record for delivering cost-effective global mobility solutions, continuous innovation and exceptional customer service.


Mandy Hawks
Director of Marketing
Email: Mandy.Hawks@equusoft.com
Phone: 303-292-4200

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