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Equus Software and Living Abroad Leverage the Equus Ecosystem to Support the Success of Mobile Employees on Global Assignments


Denver, Colorado – September 16, 2017: Equus Software, a leader in global mobility solutions, today announced their partnership with Living Abroad, the world’s top provider of destination information in the global mobility industry.

Living Abroad uses a broad range of first-in-class methods to gather destination information for hundreds of locations around the world. Employees preparing to enter new locations find answers to questions such as: What can I expect the business culture to be like? Where can I open a local bank account? How do I get a driving license? What are the school options for my children? By providing location information along with other key details about the entire move process, the Equus Mobile Employee Experience takes a major source of stress out of the relocation process for mobile employees.

This new partnership expands the reach of the Equus Ecosystem, providing global employees, their families, and business travelers with valuable, up-to-date information on their new location. The Equus Ecosystem connects the many sources of information about an employee’s relocation in one easy-to-understand platform for all stakeholders.

“The Mobile Employee Experience is the perfect place from which Living Abroad can support the globally mobile,” says Cathy Heyne, Managing Director of Living Abroad. “Learning about a destination before an assignment begins is so critical to its success. Now, mobile employees can do that while accessing their move related documents and timeline, all in one place.”

“We built the Mobile Employee Experience to put the employee first, guaranteeing that our client’s assignees would have easy access to every detail of their move. Our partnership with Living Abroad is a reflection of that employee-first mentality,” says Mark Thomas, CEO of Equus Software. “The more information they have and the easier it is to access that information will result in much less anxiety for employees going through a significant change in where they live and work.”

Founded in 1999, Equus Software is the market leader in cloud- based relocation and mobility solutions. More than 300 organizations around the world use Equus to automate mundane, transactional work so that global mobility teams, talent management professionals, and other key stakeholders can focus on adding value to the business. Equus has a proven track record for delivering cost- effective global mobility solutions, continuous innovation and exceptional customer service.


Established in 1987 and covering more than 190 destinations around the world, Living Abroad is the number one provider of detailed, relevant, and easy-to-read reports specifically for global assignees and business travelers. Our globally mobile clients tap into decades of expertise, a wealth of trusted information, and a full suite of innovative tools to remove guesswork and ensure success.


Mandy Hawks
Director of Marketing
Phone: 303-292-4200

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