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Expat Academy Recognizes Equus Commitment to Professional Development

At Equus, we’re proud to say that over 2,000 organizations today use our software to make the process of managing employees faster and more efficient, while reducing the risks associated with complicated visa, tax and compliance requirements. For us, understanding the challenges our clients face when managing their global workforces in an ever-evolving market is at the forefront of building great software and fostering the many long-lasting relationships we hold.

2023 GMPD team of the year

To gain deeper appreciation of our clients’ goals and drivers, we encourage our employees to keep up to date with top global mobility trends, such as environmental, social and governance (ESG) and artificial intelligence (AI). This is why Equus partners with organizations such as the Expat Academy and sister company MyGMPD. The Expat Academy organizes events and provides online resources and networking opportunities for GM professionals, while MyGMPD offers a professional development program. Whether in-house or working for a service provider, GMPD supports GM specialists to continuously improve their technical knowledge and professional skills and leads to accreditation and recognition as a leading GM Professional.

This year, Expat Academy awarded Equus the “2023 GMPD Team of the Year Award”, after 17 Equus employees passed the MyGMPD Global Mobility Professional Development training course.

Ben Love, Head of Learning at Equus Software explains. “This training provides a fantastic mechanism for employees who want to learn about being a global mobility professional,” says Love. Participants are given access to a wealth of resources and their knowledge is tested to ensure they can apply it in the real world.”

Lottie McCarthy, Product Marketing Manager at Equus Software, who was one of the participants this year, said: “The GMPD qualification allows our teams to stay up-to-date with the latest GM industry trends, new legislation, and the many wider factors impacting the mobility landscape. The range of training and learning material is vast, allowing you to devise a learning path that is unique and relevant for you.”

The course helps Equus employees better understand clients’ challenges and more accurately advise them on strategy and the application of Equus solutions. “Taking care of our clients is one of our top company-wide goals, and the myGMPD program feeds into this initiative by equipping our teams with the most current, diverse and relevant insights into workforce mobility,” says McCarthy.

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