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Equus Ecosystem Partner Spotlight: K2

The Ecosystem Team is delighted to turn the spotlight on K2 Corporate Mobility as one of the Ecosystem Partner Providers. K2 is an independent global mobility relocation and professional services provider which delivers bespoke, distraction-free, and impartial solutions for the full suite of services covering global relocations and assignments. From origin to destination, K2 have personalised support packages to cover short-term mobility needs, long-term international assignments, permanent transfers, group moves and domestic assignments. K2 is integrated with the Equus Ecosystem via their case management system, Ascent, and our mutual clients can benefit from service updates directly to Equus’ AssignmentPro global mobility software.

Mike Kennedy, K2 Chief Technology Officer, explains K2’s strategic approach to technology and their partnership with Equus.

“Technological enhancement and innovation are key priorities in our five year business strategy Kinetic. Our technology program focuses on developing and providing useful, flexible, and innovative technology-based solutions. We want to simplify, clarify, and generate insight to help better manage the complexity, pace, and outcomes of global mobility assignments.

To do this well, we have put an emphasis on integration with key ecosystems through APIs and secure data sharing – all to meet our clients’ evolving needs, and to provide an elevated and relocating employee experience through portal and mobile app services.

For K2, it’s important that our technology provides both the best protection – with cyber security and robust system architecture, a core focus so that we can operate effectively – and drives efficiency and quality of business processes – where enhancements and new solutions fit with business priorities and integrate with specific client needs.

Equus fulfils our needs on this seamlessly and we have been working together successfully since 2015.”

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Sheri Gaster

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