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Equus Green Initiative

Businesses today must take responsibility for their impact on the climate, making Sustainability a top priority across multiple industries and sectors. To make these goals a reality, each business area must take accountability to move forward with this agenda.

According to the 2022 Corporate Travel Leaders’ Outlook report, 80% of organizations interviewed include sustainability in their corporate travel planning.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Technology is a great way to bring insights into action and facilitate change. Through this growing suite of Equus Green features and enhancements, you can introduce Sustainability measures into your Global Mobility and Corporate Travel business areas.

dashboard and widgets

Dashboards & Widgets

Reporting on the environmental impact of your mobility program, whether it be the carbon emissions from flights or shipping, or popular flight paths, is a great starting point to facilitate change.
See examples of the customizable dashboards available in AssignmentPro and Pinpoint.

Employee Elections

Giving your employee’s the choice to select a ‘greener’ option when it comes to their assignment empowers employees to make the decision that is right for them. Incentivization can also be used to encourage employees to select a more sustainable choice.

employee elections


Assignments come in all shapes and sizes, our core-flex feature allows the business to choose the ‘Core’ entitlements which remain unchanged per policy, and the ‘Flex’ entitlements which can be adjusted to suit the need of the employee and the business. By introducing a ‘greener’ option, the business is encouraged to make more sustainable choices where possible.

Interested in introducing sustainability measures into your Global Mobility and Corporate Travel business areas?

Find out how Equus Software can benefit your business in a sustainable way.

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