Gareth Davies

Gareth Davies

VP Technology Solutions

Gareth’s career in Mobility started out in the Expat Tax Firms – in the Big 6 as it was back then. After 10 years with Arthur Anderson & PricewaterhouseCoopers where Gareth supported Client’s expatriate tax programs with UK & US expat tax, plus international social security compliance and advisory services, Gareth leveraged his Diploma in International Human Resource Management, to switch to managing in-house corporate cross-border programs for respected Employers within the Finance and Consulting industry – more latterly spending 7 years as the Head of Mobility for one of the UK’s iconic Aerospace / Manufacturing sector Employers.

Gareth has managed all types of moves in his 27 year Mobility tenure and has been involved in key projects to support advisory services to the business in respect of M&A activity, new HRIS system implementations and implementing Mobility technology applications to transform operations. He led the implementation on AssignmentPro which is how he came to know and latter join Equus. Taking this wealth of experience, in his role as VP of Technology Solutions, Gareth aspires to help Equus clients to apply the company’s technology to optimize their programs and solve their complex Global Mobility challenges.

Gareth finds it a challenge to sit still in his personal life, if he isn’t hiking, running or cycling through the beautiful Derbyshire countryside where he lives, he is undertaking a home DIY project of some sort!

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