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Tim Wells Named Global Mobility Professional of the Year

Equus’ own Tim Wells, VP of Technology Solutions – was awarded Global Mobility Professional of the year at the Forum for Expatriate Management’s annual EMEA EMMAs awards ceremony November 3rd in London. What makes the award extra special this year, is that members of the GM community chose the winner.

Tim has been part of Equus for 5 years and has over two decades of experience in Global Mobility. Not only is he an exceptional member of the Equus team, he is also an integral part of our relationship with our industry partners.

“Tim is a driving force in pushing our products to stay ahead of the market. He continually delivers innovative solutions to new clients with projects supporting divestments, acquisitions, upgrades, as well as additional solutions for business travelers, immigration, posted workers and assignments.” – Vicki Marsh, Senior VP Solutions Consulting, Equus Software

Over the course of his career at Equus, he has sold over 25 new clients, directly and through teaming up with our collaborative partners. He excels at creating and maintaining relationships built on trust, expertise, and his willingness to be available to them day and night when needed.

In addition to his excellent performance, Tim has made a significant impact on the industry by serving as a mentor. He is always eager to share GM knowledge to those new to the mobility industry and act as a sounding board to those more experienced GM professionals looking for a safe space to share ideas and receive a balanced perspective.

Outside of work, Tim facilitates many seminars, roundtables, and industry events, producing innovative content to continue to push the GM industry forward. His passion for sharing knowledge and ensuring the success of others in unmatched. As a result of his hard work and expertise, clients are receiving quality consulting, true partnerships, better products, quicker results, and more value – which sets the pace for all technology providers.

“Thank you, Tim, for always keeping our partnership’s flame burning, we really appreciate all that you’ve done for us over the course of this project.” – Equus client

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