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The Equus Tax Organizer is a simple and intuitive solution that gives you visibility and control over the tax collection process. Through an easy-to-use and secure app, global employees can upload, update, and submit their tax documentation anytime, anywhere.

Complete with automated alerts, the Equus Tax Organizer lets you rest easy knowing your client’s employees will always be aware of upcoming deadlines and tasks.

Tax Organizer Features

  • Efficiently collect data for employee tax returns

  • High quality employee experience

  • Roll over data year to year

  • Create custom country/company specific organizers

  • Issue, track and follow-up automatically


Employee Portal

Makes it easy for employees to organize their tax documentation anytime, anywhere

Travel Calendar

Empowers mobile employees to easily check in & verify their travel

Document Management

Enables employees to upload files as well as tax providers to publish them to the portal

Improved Security

Makes it easy for employees to organize their tax documentation anytime, anywhere

Automated Notifications

Ensures all information is complete & no deadline is missed through scheduled or automated alerts

Streamline Process

Provides tailored questions specific to employee's circumstance  with relevant information carried forward from years prior

Data Insights

Provides real-time dashboards and insights to manage your program and processes like never before

Tax Organizer Visibility

The Tax Organizer’s real-time dashboards, robust workflow and automation tools gives you visibility and control over the collection of tax data. Now, with all of the data in a single system, you can easily access all employee information in an organized, efficient, and secure way.

Featured Resource

Tax Organizer Brochure

The Equus Tax Organizer is an all-in-one tool to for Tax Providers to manage complex tax obligations for mobile employees while providing an easy-to-use that relieves the administrative burden for their clients.

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