Equus Announces New Global Projects Automation Enhancements

New global workforce management technology addresses increasing need for project and group cost estimates to help businesses manage forecasts and predetermine ROI

Global workforce management technology provider, Equus Software, today announced the release of a set of new Global Projects Automation (GPA) features within its flagship mobility management solution, AssignmentPro, to support the increasing need for project and group cost forecasting and pre-determining return on investment.

Companies with global operations are experiencing a new variety of risks and uncertainties that are challenging the global mobility industry to innovate and iterate to meet a new set of demands. Conflict-related sanctions, work trends accelerated by the pandemic, supply chain disruption, inflation and rising energy costs are just a few of the forces currently sharpening boardroom appetite for solutions that align as much as possible with the fluidity they are facing.

To meet these challenges, Equus’ Global Projects Automation:

  • Automates a historically lengthy process and adds triggered updates every step of the way so each entity is informed with every action;
  • Batches estimates so businesses can get a sense of different scenarios and make the best choice for their bottom line;
  • Provides company-level tasks, requests and checklists so there’s never a question where things stand;
  • Batch process assignment packages for employees including cost estimate compensation statements and letters of assignment
  • Turns lengthy, expensive and complex businesses actions into a seamless and responsive technology-driven business practice, regardless of population size or complexity of program.

“With reliable forecasting a near impossibility in much of the world right now,” said Mark Thomas, Founder and CEO, of Equus Software. “Businesses are seeking agility, visibility and insight so that they can make the best decisions faster, but also the ability to re-visit and change those decisions. Our Global Projects Automation is able to customize project estimates to match a business’ needs and give a holistic picture of a project cost and pre-determine its return on investment. This is essential as we manage between 2,000- 4,000 mobilizations a year.”

This product release will enable global teams to better understand the costs of international moves and provide market-leading benchmarking insights for their mobility programs at a time when posting workers overseas is more complex than ever.

To attend a live demo of Global Projects Automation, register here.



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