Accurate and Instant Calculations

Save time, money, and headaches with our cost estimate tool and understand the cost of every move.

Cost Estimates

Tailored to your unique program needs

AssignmentPro uses your policy logic, vendor fee data and data provider tables to create accurate cost estimates at the click of a button.

Create custom reports for different stakeholders, in word, pdf, or excel.

Cost estimates use the Equus Tax Engine to calculate hypothetical tax and social security, along with gross-up and actual tax and social security.  Tax position sets allow the setting of tax positions on a country, or population-specific basis.  Tax treatment can be specifically set for each cost estimate line item, or set to follow the tax engine's in built logic.

Manager Self-Service

Managers can model and create their own cost estimates

With manager self-service, managers can search for an employee, create a new package and model different scenarios, creating as many cost estimates as they wish.

Access can be controlled by your HR system and the reports/data that the manager sees can be setup to show whatever is required.

Cost Estimates AssignmentPro

Batch cost estimates

Model an entire population at once

Produce cost estimates en masse, allowing for monthly updates to on assignment costings, or to model new scenarios - e.g. what is the tax and overall cost impact if relocation allowances are adjusted by 5%.


Equus Platform

Want to learn more about how Equus can help automate and streamline your mobility program?


“Prior to working with Equus, we manually ran an average of 200 cost estimate per month, calculating flights, housing, shipping, etc. across 67 markets, through a macro on excel spreadsheets - which made us very prone to errors and accuracy next to impossible. Now, using AssignmentPro, we’ve been able to automate and expedite the process with 99% accuracy.”

Equus Customer

Support Your Organization's Global Success

Get your entire mobile workforce moving with one, comprehensive platform.

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