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New Core Flex Functionality Builds Business and Talent Alignment by Offering Flexible Benefits

Denver, CO – June 5, 2018: Equus Software, a leader in global mobility technology, announced today the launch of Core Flex benefits capabilities within AssignmentPro.

One-size benefits packages do not fit all. Locally-focused and flexible mobility policies are increasingly becoming the policy solution of choice for companies looking to best match employee and employer needs. Tailoring benefits packages that offer more flexible options while still offering standard duties of care, or core benefits, can be both time consuming and costly for global mobility programs.

Equus provides global workforce management solutions for organizations around the world. With the new Core Flex feature, Global Mobility teams can provide their business with flexible policy options custom to mobile employee needs in addition to the core benefits mobile employees receive automatically.

“We see the benefit of balancing mobility approaches. When offering mobile employees more flexible options, companies must still keep in mind core compliances and standards of care to ensure employee wellbeing and safety.” Says Tyler Reynolds, Head of New Markets at Equus Software. “We created Core Flex as a tool for HR professionals to provide flexible options custom to employee needs in a financially transparent and guided way.”

Core Flex offers companies a duty of care, providing flexible policy options that allow companies to balance their risks and compliance while supporting the well-being and safety of employees. These HR Core Flex principals protect the firm and provide a minimal level of care to employees as a given. Core Flex policies allow a level of business and employee discretion within a structured framework. Companies can choose their minimum and maximum policy guidelines and select benefits custom to each mobile employee’s needs. Policies are simple and easy to understand for employees and businesses.

With Core Flex, HR teams can build differentiated policy options that enable the organization’s business and talent priorities. They can create policies designed to reflect the business purpose and demographic profiles of their employees.

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