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Introducing the Mobile Employee Experience App

Relocating for business can be both exciting and stress inducing for your employees. Working out of a new office offers a chance to be closer to more sides of the business, customers, and provides professional growth opportunities. The new team will be excited for the employee to jump in and start adding value.

Your job is to aid your employee in their relocation transition so they can be successful. Between paperwork, managing multiple vendors, and communicating changes and progress to your employee, you have a lot on your hands.

Mobile Employee Experience App

However, with the Mobile Employee Experience App, you have one place to organize move-pertinent paperwork, manage vendors, and communicate with your employee with notifications and messages.

Providing your employees with Equus’ Mobile Employee Experience makes it easy for them to see a timeline of their move-related activities and deadlines to complete the mandatory paperwork associated with their move.

The Mobile Employee Experience App is now available for Android and iPhone users, so your employee can get push notifications you set up to alert them of important tasks and deadlines.

This means that your employee can check the status of their move anytime – in-flight and as soon as they touch down in their new destination location.

Giving your mobile employees access to the Mobile Employee Experience App means piece of mind for the employee, making them feel comfortable with their move management so they can focus on the job at hand. You can also breathe easy knowing that your employee is only one message away, and can be notified at any time in case of an emergency situation.

Here is how the Mobile Employee Experience works

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