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Finding Opportunities In Crisis

Working from home? So are we. But while we may be isolated from each other, our commitment to our clients hasn’t changed a bit. Remote working is in our DNA. At Equus, we’ve got offices in 5 global locations and we’ve been working in geographically dispersed and cross-functional teams for years. Being stuck in our home offices, living rooms, and at our dining room tables doesn’t change a thing for us.

One of the surprising outcomes of these unprecedented times is how creative people are. Whether it is to build morale or to find an opportunity for improvement out of the sudden change in the business and services they provide. There are stories of vendors who have quickly adapted their services to continue to bring value to their clients for example, education vendors providing online school lessons for expatriate children.

One of our core values is find a way, and it means many things to various people. To me, it’s always meant that we put our clients first, and find a way to help them achieve success. Recently though, I’ve really been astounded to see this value in action. From virtual coffee breaks to just having a chat, brainstorming or finding support, through to after work hangouts, getting dressed up and playing Bingo, our people have shown me a new meaning to this value. We’ll find a way to get through these difficult times. We’ll find a way to build morale, support each other and our clients. We’ll find a way, together.

What opportunities can you find for your global mobility teams?

Is this an opportunity for global mobility to get a seat at the table? Is this an opportunity for internal departments to find ways to become cross-functional and rely on each other more? Organisations need the information about where all their employees are, how long they have been there for, how to repatriate them, what the implications are for repatriation, compliance etc., global mobility has all these answers and more.

Is this an opportunity to rely on technology more, for a forward-thinking future? When we think of the authorities that have been able to react the quickest in this crisis, they are the ones that use technology to perform their day to day processes. This means that they have been able to automatically extend visas, work permits, and more. Ultimately work can (mostly) continue no matter where they are. Having the ability to report easily on multiple data points for your assignees means being able to understand where they and their families are, upcoming expiry dates, calendar tracking etc. This means that you can easily make sure your assignees are safe, healthy and not at risk of breaking compliance.

If you have no technology start thinking about how you can start tracking this data in a central place. If you are a bit further down the technology road, maybe start thinking about how you can automate and integrate the data feeds from the multiple sources including your vendors and HR systems.

We would love to hear about some of the creative things your teams are doing to solve new problems or the opportunities they are finding in this crisis.

Rebecca Curry

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