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Equus 2 Time Winner Best Vendor Partnership: 2017 FEM EMMA’s

Equus Wins Best Vendor Partnership for the Second Time This Year: 2017 FEM EMMA’s
Equus wins best vendor partnership

Equus wins best vendor partnership for second time in 2017. For the second time this year, we have been awarded winner of Best Vendor Partnership at the FEM EMMAs. We couldn’t feel more thrilled to be recognized by both the Global Mobility industry, as well as our valued clients, Standard Chartered and Cargill.

Tyler Reynolds, our Chief Sales Officer, explains, “We work hard to make sure our clients are successful and look forward to continuing to innovate with them to transform their mobility programs.”

Standard Chartered, with whom we most recently won Best Vendor Partnership at last week’s FEM EMMAs in London, described our partnership as, “Going beyond the business, our relationship is personal – always honest and transparent.”

Earlier this year at the FEM EMMAs in Denver, we were thrilled to be recognized as Best Vendor Partner with Cargill, who had this to say about our relationship, “We have a partner that has a forward-looking mindset. We are always looking ahead to how we can improve the experience for our stakeholders and the fact that we have only touched on the beginnings of what we can do is what excites us.”

Of all the awards in which we are recognized, Best Vendor Partnership is the most meaningful. Not only is it a testament to our innovative technology and solutions, but it underscores the importance we place on our clients throughout our entire relationship. We are excited to be able to achieve so much with our clients and look forward to continuing to partner with them to push the limits and create best-in-class solutions for their business.

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