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Equus Ecosystem Partner Spotlight: Edufax

edufax We are excited to present Edufax, one of our most recent Ecosystem partner providers. Edufax approaches the world of education from every angle and considers the impact of educational history and current situational factors. The result: A-to-Z support on the international relocation process so that children are sure to receive the most appropriate education before, during, and after leaving their home country.

Below, Laurens van Leuken, Edufax’s Sales & Marketing Manager, shares his perspectives about Edufax, and the company’s partnership with Equus:

“When relocating across borders, families encounter a new, pressing need: they require support and advice on their children’s education. Every situation is unique and requires a tailored solution that takes all parties into account: the family, the employer, and the school. But what about the most important individual of all: the child?

At Edufax, we put the child’s needs first: happy child means happy family. Happy family means happy employee and happy organization. All that adds up to a successful international assignment. That is what we at Edufax are striving for. An expat assignment is an investment from a corporate point of view. A way to protect that investment is guiding a family on the educational decisions to be made for their children. This way, potential issues can be tackled, and their concerns will be taken away prior to an assignment.  By taking away educational concerns in combination with providing the family with the right tools and info, we give a family confidence. The confidence that is essential to kick off an international process properly. Being part of the Equus Ecosystem is an essential aspect of our digital offering, and has also enabled us to be more responsive, with automation providing improved experiences to our clients’ employees.”  

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