PinPoint Immigration

A simpler, more effective way to manage immigration cases.

Immigration case management can be complex, with many moving parts. Missing a step can delay the whole process and cause anxiety for employees and managers.

PinPoint Immigration automates your end-to-end immigration processes and provides employees and managers access to real-time status updates for a seamless online experience.

Automate Your Immigration Case Management

PinPoint streamlines your immigration workflow, making time-consuming email initiations and data collection a thing of the past.

Enhanced Experience

Intuitive portals make it easy for users to complete questionnaires and review tasks.

Simple & Flexible

Flexible flows and custom configuration options align with your business processes.

Centralized Solution

Store all cases, documents and data in one place for efficiency and security.

Visbility & Control

Quickly automate tasks, identiry bottlenecks, and view filing dates for every case.


Powerful, Self-Service Tools

Initiate immigration requests in just a few clicks. Questions appear based on the case type to ensure relevant information is provided. Managers, recruiters and employees all have tailored views based on what they need to know and actions to take: Complete questionnaires, upload/download documents, view status and more.

Speed Through Automation

PinPoint Immigration uses automation to streamline and speed up your immigration application process. Data is automatically requested based on case type. If additional information is needed, the app sends requests for information and tracks the status of the responses.


Don't Miss a Beat

PinPoint Immigration enables you to send notifications and track progress throughout the immigration process, as well as generate applications and store documents. Progress is tracked via dashboards, with reporting and automatic alerts. 

Automate every step of your workflow, from generating tasks and reminders, to sending emails and creating documents.

Collect only the data relevant to your user's needs and integrate responses into workflows for a seamless experience.

Collect only the data relevant to your user's needs and integrate responses into workflows for a seamless experience.

Dashboards provide real-time visibility into performance metrics, application status, and cases that require attention.  

Easily request and securely share documents such as completed applications, letters and immigration filings. 

Automated notifications can be created and assigned to help monitor the status of tasks and to ensure deadlines are never missed.

PinPoint Immigration Benefits

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PinPoint Immigration Brochure

Streamline and automate your immigration case management.

Support Your Organization's Global Success

Get your entire mobile workforce moving with one, comprehensive platform.

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