Allowance Automation

Further automation for allowance calculations

AssignmentPro can already calculate allowances in cost estimates, balance sheets, payroll and merge documents.

Now, with allowance automation, AssignmentPro can automatically recalculate specific allowances when it sees a change in an employee record or data table and send that value to the CDR.

Values in the CDR can be easily sent to cost estimates, compensation calculations and compensation worksheets, plus used in reports and widgets.


There are a number of great uses for this feature:

  • Save approved exception amounts in the CDR, to be pulled into payroll, or cost estimates.
  • Save employee elections cash out payments into the CDR, to be used in payroll, or cost estimates.
  • Recalculate allowances based on changes in employee circumstances.  For example, end dates can be automatically added to CDR entries when assignment end dates change.
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