AssignmentPro Features

AssignmentPro 19.5 Key Enhancements

Below are some of the new features to be released in version 19.5 of AssignmentPro. There are many other smaller changes, enhancements, and updates included in version 19.5, the full details of which can be found in the release notes published alongside the release on September 26th.

New Look! Mobile Employee Experience (MEE)

Mobile Employee Experience (MEE)
The MEE Is Getting A Face-Lift

The Mobile Employee Experience (MEE) is being refreshed, to provide a more modern interface and navigation improvements.

The addition of a new menu bar means that all clients using the MEE will need to load a new small logo into the MEE configuration screen. Apart from this, all other changes are cosmetic - meaning that only help documentation and screenshots will likely need to be changed, but overall functionality will be the same.

More details of the changes can be found here: Equus Unified UI Communication.

Advanced Automation

Automate Updates In AssignmentPro

Using the new advanced automation feature, users can setup AssignmentPro to automatically update fields when triggered to do so.

Examples of the new functionality include:

  • Update assignment phase automatically when the start date passes
  • Add a delete date 5 years in the future when inactivating an assignment
  • Copy cost center details to a history table whenever they change
Advanced Automation

Employee Delegates

Employee Delegates
Employees can invite others to access their MEE

With the new employee delegates feature, employees can invite their spouse/partner, PA, etc to access their MEE.

Delegates will have access to view and update most elements of the MEE, with the notable exception being the signing of documents via DocuSign.

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