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AssignmentPro 19.3 Key Enhancements

Below are some of the new features to be released in version 19.3 of AssignmentPro. There are many other smaller changes, enhancements, and updates included in version 19.3, the full details of which can be found in the release notes published alongside the release on May 30th.


Feature Overview

Automatically Calculate/Retrieve Values And Save Them To The CDR

You can now automatically add money values to the CDR (Compensation Data Repository).  Values in the CDR can be easily sent to cost estimates, compensation calculations and compensation worksheets, plus used in reports and widgets.

There are a number of great uses for this feature:

  • Save approved exception amounts in the CDR, to be pulled into payroll, or cost estimates.
  • Save employee elections cash out payments into the CDR, to be used in payroll, or cost estimates.
  • Recalculate allowances based on changes in employee circumstances.  For example, end dates can be automatically added to CDR entries when assignment end dates change.

Feature Detail

The feature will run based on a Quick Workflow trigger, meaning you can create new CDR entries based on almost any change.

The amount, currency, effective date and end date are set by user report, allowing maximum flexibility to derive values.  E.g. A family size change that impacts an allowance can be set to begin from the next pay period or month.

New Help Center

Feature Overview

Full Help Center

As the next step in our roll-out of improved help functionality, you will be able to access the full help center from the new help widget.

The full help center contains full help articles, an introduction to AssignmentPro training course and details of our new training webinars.

Feature Detail

Activating the help feature

Clicking on the help icon activates the feature.


Unless you have inactivated the help widget that was released in version 19.2, the new feature will be immediately available to you in 19.3.


Landing Experience Preview

Feature Overview

Preview The New Landing Experience - And Provide Feedback!

19.3 will contain a preview of the new AssignmentPro Landing Experience.  The aim of the preview version is for clients to test the new features and provide feedback on what is good, bad, or missing.

The new landing experience will provide users with a modern, flexible, and interactive way to view and interact with data, including the ability to update data directly, without a need to navigate away from the landing screen.

Feature Detail

The new landing experience will be available in your site.  It will be turned off by default and available to internal users.  Sample widgets will display real data and respect security restrictions for that user.

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