Levelling-up global talent mobility for the world of tomorrow

As the world of work continues to change irrevocably, many in the workforce are now being forced to adapt to new roles to remain relevant. As a result, it’s never been so important that employees are ready and empowered to take on new roles and develop new skills. Organizations globally must find ways to ensure their workforce is resilient and ready for new purposes and goals.

To be successful, global talent mobility teams must simultaneously level up their strategies and operations. To understand just how to do this Kate Graham, Head of Content Labs and Insights at UNLEASH is joined by Cathy Koslowski, VP of Solution Consulting at Equus Software as they discuss what technologies, strategies, metrics and insights can support this.

Since the pandemic, everything has changed and understanding the data and what data you need… is super important.”Cathy Koslowski, VP of Solution Consulting at Equus Software

Watch the full webinar on demand to:

  • Hear about why global talent mobility functions need access to high-quality reporting and easy-to-access metrics.
  • Understand why the technology that supports your technology function has to offer ROI in its own right.
  • Learn about the strategies that can ensure HR and global talent mobility function success.

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